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* As a fulltime student, getting orders out immediately proves difficult for me. Please allow2-3 weeks for order fulfillment. 



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Customers will now be able to earn reward points with every order! In order to utilize this new program, you must create an account with us. 


For every $1 spent, you will earn 10 rewards points. As you rack up points, you will be able to use them later down the line in order to get money off your order! Every 100 points = $1 that you can use towards your order! 



Shop Updates!


NOW INTRODUCING: Nell's Jewelry Rewards Program! Create an account in order to utilize earned points that can be redeemed later on! 

About MY SHOP!


Hello, friends! My name is Nellie and this is my jewelry shop! I make a bunch of different items including bongs, earrings, chokers, and resin products! My main goal is to provide people with affordable, colorful, and wacky accessories, mainly earrings. I have always been a huge fan of fun and quirky earrings, but could never find the kinds of styles I loved. That's when I decided to open up my very own jewelry shop!

The earrings that I create range from simplistic and dainty to colorful and crazy! I cover a wide variety of aesthetics and enjoy catering to all styles and people.  I am so excited to share my creations with you all. 

I also recently started creating different types of smoking accessories. I now offer beautiful botanical bongs and even take customs! I also create different ashtrays and rolling trays. These items are a bit more expensive because of the huge amount of time I must put into making each product. The supplies for these types of products are also very expensive, so my prices for these products must reflect those costs. 

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Silver and gold clip on options available for all earrings! Simply add a note at checkout indication which you would like included in your order!



I initially founded my store and website in order to pay for my kitten's vet bills. When I found her in my backyard, her tail had been cut off and she was exhibiting signs of upper respiratory infection. I was able to support her medical needs with the money I made selling my products.

I recently took 5 alley cats under my wing, and decided to feed them every day, as well as provide necessary veterinary services to them, using the money I make from sales. I post updates on my twitter (@NellsJewelery) if you would like to meet the kitties!